Years of Learning


People learn from most of the bad experiences they’ve been through in their lives. They think about the different decisions they could’ve made and they try to change them. Some people only realize making a mistake causes you to learn from it.
Growing up I realized this world wasn’t brought here to please anyone. It was created so people could go through different experiences and gain knowledge of those things. Sitting back and watching this world crash down has opened up a lot of images to me. On the news everyone is blamed for something, or they blame someone else for what they have done. I noticed it wasn’t right. If every human being has knowledge of right and wrong doings, then their actions speak for themselves. Sometimes I did things just to find out what the results were going to be. Most of the time without realizing, I do things not expecting a result or consequence, but I got one anyway. While being raised in this world many things have come to my attention. I wasn’t very proud of myself AND of the things I did. I blamed it on other people or other situations. I finally realized it was wrong when I got caught in the middle of it. I was found guilty with the evidence in my hand. That was the day when everything came to light in my eyes. I had gotten in trouble and there was no one else who took the blame for me. That was the day I learned that everyone takes responsibility for their own actions. It takes the environment to persuade us sometimes; being part of a great learning environment means being around positive people and positive thing. Only the people will make it a great learning experience. Also in order to create a more ideal learning environment, we need to teach positive things in the right way and have lessons that explain it. We need more knowledge on our educational histories and backgrounds. We also need to find other ways of communicating with the young people.