When Strings Speak


Wanting to be like great artists, I started drawing. I used art to express emotions and feelings that I could not speak. Over time, the enlightened feeling I achieved from drawing faded. Then, I thought about my grandfather's guitar; he always wanted me to learn how to play it. One day, sitting in my closet- which is the ideal, comfortable space for me- I plucked the three-stringed guitar for fun and created electric audio tracks of me playing my grandfather’s three-stringed electric guitar and bowing the bottom of an old rocking chair. The bowing gave the track a strong hum and long sustain. I was inspired to pick up new instruments and sounds. Luckily, my soon to be girlfriend lent me her uncle’s acoustic guitar. Every day I would play it and soon grew attached to it. After about five months her uncle needed to sell it. Understandable. So, as a gift, my new girlfriend bought it for me. And as an additional gift she fixed the three-stringed guitar of my grandfather's. In case you didn’t know, guitars need six strings. Next, oddly yet fortunately, one day after of school I had a banjo sitting on my couch waiting to be played. It was a gift from my grandfather. I was so happy; now I could express my Southern roots with the twang of twang. Expression. Through all of the trials I’ve found a way to express myself through art AND music. Trust fate and know this: six strings are better than none.