Tim Bell's Learning Story


It was about 1974 and I was in Fifth grade at the Wellington, CO Elementary school. I hadn’t done all that well in the advanced class because I wasn’t ready for the self-paced program. Although I caught all my work up, I was send to Mr. Breen’s class where the less “gifted” students were sent. Mr. Breen was ahead of his time and had a tremendous love of photography. He utilized his skills by having each of us build our own camera and actually develop and print the pictures that we took with our cameras. I still have a black and white shot he took of me when I won the weekly “Cool Dude” award. His teaching inspired me to love photography for a lifetime. I studied in the darkroom in High School, College and after I earned my BS. I’ve toured the world as a musician and I have pictures from everywhere I’ve traveled. Now, I’ve settled down and I teach Cinematography as well as Recording Studio techniques to high-school Juniors and Seniors. I still teach my students the fundamentals of Composition that Mr. Breen taught me 35 years ago. This underachieving student is now mid-way to earning his Master’s Degree in Education. Not bad for a Mr. Breen’s class graduate.