There will be noise


When I was about 11 years old, I listened to some pretty cool music. I loved jazz and metal. While I was getting into music, my sister was dating a musician. He always brought his guitar over, and played the music I loved. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Around the same time my mom signed me up for guitar lessons in Athens at Music Exchange. After taking lessons for a while, I realized that it was getting nowhere, and that my teacher was horrible. I still had a strong desire to do music though.
After quitting my lessons, I started purchasing guitar technique books. They taught me a lot. I also would watch legendary guitarists such as: Tosin Abasi, Misha Mansoor, and Paul Gilbert. They would break down how to do certain things on their videos. After all the years of studying technique, I met a producer from Atlanta. We quickly started writing jams and recording rough stuff. He introduced me to a form of electronic music which I loved from the second I heard it. I quickly learned to make and produce this music. I took a break from my recording days, and joined an Athens Band called Jane Rebellion. We played a small venue a couple times, but things happened with the members. Being in a band taught me a lot though. It taught me that I work better when I write the majority of the music, so I started a new project.
I started the project Asynchronous in early 2011. It’s an experimental/ progressive project. It’s my solo project, but I want to start playing shows with other musicians after the EP drops in July of this year. A lot of stuff happened just from learning one musical instrument. I’m happy with what I do. Music taught me that I could test myself, and make things to the best of my ability. Learning guitar is definitely in my list as one of the best decisions in my life.