What Kids Can Teach Us


My best learning experiences have been those of an informal nature. Learning from friends, family and colleagues in environments where I was motivated to learn to serve others and increase my knowledge and skills.
Recently, our grandchildren visited for the weekend and our 4 year old grandson consistently taught me how to dress him and his sister; which type of milk they drink; how to prepare the fruit for them; and how to ensure they were safely in their car seats.It was a great experience to learn from a 4 year old and from his 2 year old sister.
As I reflected on my knowledge and skill development I wondered at what grade we choose not to learn from youth, at what age do we choose to disregard their insights and when do we choose to not consider them as wise. Implications for public education include ensuring we commit to understanding the skill, gifts and talents of all students and engaging them in activities to enhance their competencies. And to commit to ensuring youth are critical contributors to education decisions and policies that influence school vision, practices and anticipated impacts.