My skill started when I first got my Playstation 3 for Christmas two years ago and I played by myself until I played against Travis Hill and got admitted in the 7o6 Playstation Network clan. Although he beat me thirty to twenty-one, he still thought that I was good enough to join. I didn’t always play with Travis on Playstation, it was maybe five months before I started playing with Travis, and I think that I got good enough by playing that time by myself, and I didn’t really know the meaning of teamwork at first and I quickly figured out that the 7o6 clan was a very teamwork-based clan, especially after I got chewed out by all of the other, more experienced members, but then I proved myself to the entire team by winning an important match against one of our rivals with a 4 v. 1 clutch (a clutch is just when a player by themselves beats at least four of the other players on the other team).
The only reason that I chose this as the most important skill is because of the things that it taught me by playing with teamwork, which are basic things like watching your teammate’s back, or having good communication with other teammates. Also playing video games can help you with playing sports like baseball, because of the hand-eye coordination that it takes to hit a baseball with a baseball bat. I learned my skill under hardly any pressure at all, except for when Travis started to train me how to play the game under conditions like having to win the game by yourself when your whole team is relying on you, which that wasn’t that bad because I was used to playing by myself. I also learned that by playing against other players, which are better, and winning against that player helps your skill level go up, and in return you become a much better player and a much more reliable team member. The most important thing that I learned is that I just need to keep practicing so that I can get a lot better. Ideal conditions for me learning would have to be in an isolated room and just have hands on experience other than just listening to someone lecture you on how to play or do something.