sucker punch


In 5th grade this boy in my class and I did not get along. I would tease him about anything that I could. We would argue about stupid things, because we sat right beside each other. One day waiting for our bus we got into an argument because I was being mean to him. That argument led to him hitting me in the stomach so he got in trouble because I was upset and crying. From getting hit in the stomach I had to learn that being mean has consequences. I’m not the nicest person, but I guess you have to know me to get my personality. From this one episode, I learned the lesson that it is better to be nice to people. Learning and thinking that being mean and picking on people was not for me. Everyone may not learn the same way as I do. Some people may learn something by hearing or experiencing from other people.
So, in all of my time sitting in that desk in 5th grade, this lesson is the one that sticks in my head the most. I don’t remember the work that we did in class. I don’t remember any worksheets or homework the teacher assigned. Maybe I didn’t pay attention to the classwork that was being assigned. I guess I remember more “things” than learning, if that makes sense. And when I say “things” I mean the opposite of sitting in a desk and being taught something. The little things that most people won’t remember, sometimes those small events stick with you and you learn a lot from them.