Sharon Parten's Learning Story


My neighbors had a precious little girl that was born with spina bifida and was partially paralyzed from the waist down. The summer of my sophomore year I used to get her off the school bus and take care of her until her parents got home. In the afternoons we would watch “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”, have a snack and work on her lessons. She talked incessantly, and loved to sing. “Jesus Loves Me” was her favorite song. When she became the March of Dimes poster child, I was with her on the telethon. I dressed like a clown to ride with her in the parade and even walked 15 miles in her honor. Up until the time I met her, I aspired to be a secretary. She changed all of that and showed me that teaching students with special needs was what I was meant to do. Through her I learned to delight in even the smallest accomplishments. She has since passed on, but she will forever be my inspiration for becoming a teacher.