Samantha H's Learning Story


Some teachers I have had during my time as a student have had a profound impact on my ability to learn and my willingness to learn new material. One teacher that stands out to me was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hindman. Mrs. Hindman was one of the most caring and enthusiastic teachers I have ever met. I remember how I started off as a shy new student in her classroom and then transformed into an eager learner. Her ability to incorporate fun teaching methods along with a genuine sense of care for each student really helped me appreciate my education. Not that many kindergarteners notice these things while they are in a class, however I can look back now and see how her teaching impacted me greatly. More so, I believe it is in the best interest of future teachers to be able to incorporate a variety of teaching methods into a curriculum. It is important to do so because it allows everyone with different backgrounds and different learning strategies to excel in areas and feel a stronger connection to the teacher. Lastly, I feel that in our present day society education is the key to being successful in life and behind good education there is a good teacher. If we want the most motivated, well rounded teachers, our nation should consider increasing the pay of teacher’s. Doing so will further motivate high teaching standards and highly qualified teachers can reap the benefits.