Rontasia Graham's Learning Story


The person who was most instrumental in helping me learn is Mrs.Michelle mARTIN.Mra.Martin helped me learn because when I lost my confidence she would tell me that I can do this or I can do that and that’s why I’m in the next grade level now because she taught me to don’t complain about every little detail in life and I don’t because there are people that are less fortunate than I am and now I’m being confident about my school work,projects,PAST and MAP tests.Mrs.Michelle Martin is the person who was instrumental in helping me learn.At J.Paul Truluck Middle School ther are geeks,jocks and popular kids.I’m in between the geeks and jocks.Sometimes there are fights because someone saids this or someone saids this, but to me its not all about how you dress or how you look on the outside.I think it’s all about the inside that counts;respect,honest,a positive attitude,tolerance,accountibility,never giving up,empowerment and service because if you don’t have that you have to learn to do all of that.