Rex Ackerson's Learning Story


When I was in the 9th grade in 1957 school year, I caught double pneumonia and missed classes in January, February, and March. I did not get back to school until April of that year. My science and math teacher in the small school system of Braman, Oklahoma was Mrs. Mernie Mahanah. For months she brought me work from school and kept me up to date with all my studies. She was demanding in the classroom but she really cared about the student and about learning deeply. She truly wanted you to be all you could be. I have never forgotten her and think of her often as a true friend and a great teacher. She was a factor in my being a teacher for 40 years, retiring this June 30th. So you see that her efforts with me was an influence on my career choice and I hope that I passed on her gift to at least some of my students.