Reuben Rivas' Learning Story


Perhaps the teachers who have made the biggest impact on me, both in and out of the classroom, are Mr. Michael Clapp and his wife Susan Clapp. Both of these outstanding individuals taught at CSU Fullerton, when I was working on Liberal Studies Degree. I will never forget the Math for Elementary Teacher class, which they co-taught, that I was lucky enough to be enrolled in. Math has always been an area of anxiety for me, and under their caring, patience, and expertise in their field, I was able to successfully pass the class with an ‘A’. I really admired how well they worked with each other; it was truly like watching poetry in motion. Their class was always full of positive energy, and they always made time to help struggling math students such as myself. It was easy to tell they really loved their job as teachers, and loved their students even more. Just like many of their students who have come before me, I will never forget how these truly amazing teachers changed my life for the better, and helped define who I am today.