Rebecca Creel's Learning Story


I attended a private Christian school, Tower Grove Christian School from pre-school through 12th grade. I have many memorable, teachable moments in my history at that school. I decided to become a teacher out of the inspiration from the great teachers I had. The most impactful teacher I had was Miss Sinks. She was the first African American teacher I had and she was actually the best teacher I had. She just did things differently than the other teachers. Every student in grades k-2 wanted Miss Sinks for 3rd grade. She had humor and boy was it sarcastic. One of the funniest things she always did that never lost its humor was to spray air freshner after we returned from gym and recess. She would walk the perimiter of the room spraying that can and say silling things like “boy do you all smell like a bunch of wet puppies” or “whoa, someone needs to learn how to use deoderant, maybe we should draw them a map” She also did the best chapel program and all the students looked forward to her assembly. She had our school librarian’s youth group come in with professional puppets and they taught us how to use them and we put on a professional puppet show with a stage and everything. We memorized poems that to this day I can quote. I actually just taught my own students one of them, “The Duel by Eugene Field” I can still see all of us sitting in our classroom reciting that poem with the motions and everything…”The gingham dog and the calico catSide by side on the table sat….”