Nelson Richter's Learning Story


I always knew that I would be a teacher/coach but I was never sure about what my “style” would be. I was the traditional, stand in front of the class, put the overhead on, talk, have students take notes then return that information to me at least one day per week. The correct answer was mine! I had daughters who both went into education but told me that there were better ways to teach and to learn. The youngest introduced my to Ted Sizer and “Horace”, I was hooked but not sure on the how of doing this, then the other daughter introduced my to Dan Garvey(of Assoc. for Experiential Education) and when he asked me “why” I knew that I was one that held the tools. I have spent the last 15 years trying to make up for the first 15 years and now direct a program that understands how “it” (how to teach and learn) really works. I am along for the ride but every day thank all those who helped me get on the right track.