My Most Inspiring and Connected Learning Community


I grew up in a middle class Catholic family. Even though both my parents worked in the field of public education me and my siblings attended various Catholic schools while growing up.
I entered Holy Rosary in 3rd grade. My family had moved to the small town I grew up in when I was 5 years old. I did not enter Catholic school until 3rd grade due the school not being able to accommodate me and my 4 siblings when we first moved.
For the next 6 years I was in the same class with the same, give or take, 25 students. We experienced many things together. There is a huge difference between attending a local neighborhood public school versus a small Catholic K to 8th grade where students, parents and parish are all linked due to religious beliefs.
We recently met at a fellow classmate’s home for our 35th class reunion and after 20 minutes it seemed as though we were right back in our small school.