My Mom, the Teacher


I have learned a lot from my mom because life is hard. She has to keep up the bills and she has to get up early in the morning and make sure everything is right. People in the world learn differently; some people learn from bad experiences about how life is so hard.
My mom works in Stevens, Georgia. She sits with a lady named Mrs. Hilguard, and she has to make sure that everything is there for Mrs. Hilguard. She has to feed her in the morning when she gets to work and she has to clean up. It’s a hard job and the way I learned how life is so hard is because I went to my mama’s job and learned for myself. That’s the way I have to learn it, I have seen for myself.
When people say ‘’what is a good learning environment?’’ I think about my mom’s job because sometimes the best way to learn something is to experience it for yourself. My mom has taught me. My Mom knows that it might be easier to tell you one thing, but if you really want someone to learn it, you have to show it to them, let a person experience it for him or herself. That’s always been the most effective way I’ve learned. It’s hard out there.