My Lesson Learned


When I was in 6th grade, I felt like I was on top of the world. My best friend, Julia, and I were very close. We had been friends since the first day of our 5th grade year. We always hung out together, and we just had tons of fun.
Around the beginning of September a girl had moved to our school. Her name was Kristen, and she had math class with Julia and me. We all became really good friends. Kristen and I started hanging out a lot, and Julia and I sort of stopped hanging out as much. When Kristen moved here to the county I live in, Julia and I became not so close. We still talked but not like we used to! It made me sad, and Kristen would tell me things that Julia had told her about me that weekend when they were hanging out. They were never good things either. I never asked Julia about them even though it bothered me terribly! I kind of just brushed them away.
One weekend in December around Christmas time I was over at Kristen’s house. We were just hanging out having some fun, and then all of a sudden Kristen wanted to call Julia. She asked me if I wanted to hear all of the bad things Julia was saying about me, so I said sure. At this time Julia and I weren’t talking anymore, and neither of us had realized that Kristen was trying to break us apart!
Julia and I didn’t talk at all until Kristen moved away. When we had finally spoken to each other, we were arguing! I finally said I was sorry. I wasn’t quite sure why I was sorry at the time because I didn’t believe that I did anything wrong. But we both did wrong; we were best friends and then let a girl who had just moved here tell us lies and try to break us apart so she can have all the attention! Julia and I became best friends again.
When the whole argument was over between us, I learned not to believe what other people tell you. Especially when you barely know the person. I also learned that it’s very important to communicate with others. Maybe if I had communicated with Julia then the whole argument would have never happened, and we would have been friends all through 6th grade. I never want this to happen to me again. So now every time I have a problem with a friend or anybody I talk to them and try to sort things out.