My Learning Experiences


My high school years were a time when I had many learning experiences. Most of my learning experiences took place outside of school. One day me and my friends all went to my friend’s house for his birthday party to have a good time and celebrate his birthday. There is a park next to his house and we decided to go down to it to play basketball and just hangout. His dad trusted him enough to let him take his truck down to the park. At the time we were only 15. I hopped in the back of the truck with two other friends while my host and another friend rode in the cab. My host decided to have a joyride down a dirt road. I admit it was fun at first. We were traveling moderately safely and slow, drifting around in the dirt. But, after one turn, when we started to move faster, he lost control. We crashed head on into a tree. Me and my two friends in the back were slammed against the hard metal toolbox we were leaning on. The driver was slammed into the steering wheel. The rider sitting in the passengers’ side of the cab was wearing his seatbelt and he was fine. We had to walk all the way back up the very long dirt road to find his very angry father and the outlook was not pleasant. I learned a very valuable lesson from this, which is summed up to: “Don’t do stupid stuff.” I learned this from being in a stressful situation. My friends and I could have been harmed. An ideal learning environment should sometimes include a serious topic to draw the attention of the pupil in order to learn a very valuable lesson. To create more ideal learning environments we can incorporate serious situations and make analogies to serious events. That way, you may always remember what you learned.