My name is MICHAEL and I currently work at Agueda Johnston Middle School (my alma mater back in 1999-1982). I decided to become a teacher after being inspired by my former teachers, Shirley Guzman, Karolyn Duponcheel, Mike Callo, and Doreen Barnett-Pereda. Although they were quite tough on my studies – I always thought that maybe in life I will probably inspire some great students too. After teaching in the Private Schools (for more than 17 years) – I took a step and moved on to working in the public schools.The great thing is that I have three sisters-in-laws that are teachers as well…Sue Pimental Unpingco, Cecilia Cabrera Unpingco, Geraldine Mesa Unpingco and Adelin Gallo Unpingco. Although – my mother was not a teacher, + Cecilia Rodriguez Unpingco, she still taught me the values of sharing and assisting those less fortunate, but also giving till it hurts. I admire my mother for everything that she has done and the many sacrifices she has made to get me where I am at. I also like to recognize my sister, Elizabeth Unpingco Mendoza, who taught me the values of never giving up and giving my 101% to be the best I can be in everything I do. Finally – kudos to my friends who were/are my administrators and supervisors…Vicky Perez, Rose Castro, Chris Anderson, Jesse D. Castro, +Garland Wilhite, Sr Marcia Nededog, Sr Mary Juan Camacho, Sr Mary Joseph Quichocho, Mary Livingston, and Joseph Cruz.