Mean Girls – Turning Point


This is a story of middle school where I learned that mean girls existed. I never knew anyone could be mean for really no reason. I was at my second year at Martin Lurther King Middle School in Northern Virginia. I saw some of my friend in class and prepared to sit next to them. They said that seat was saved. So I got up and moved to where the nerds, or skaters, or geeks were sitting and where I didn’t know anyone and sat down. I was a bit surprised that there was not room for me with my friends but that was life. Then I heard the bell ring and no one sat in that seat.
I remember looking at them and thinking, “I thought they were my friends.” I looked at them all period, ignoring what ever learning was supposed to be taking place. I was in disbelief. I was in shock. Finally, I came to the realization, that they weren’t really my friends.
I had to rely on my inner self and not those crazy middle school girls. I became a bit of a loner not really belonging to any click but made friends here and there as the spirit led me. Looking back on it, I think they were trying to make a point that I could not be friends with Joan, the new girl.
Now, I teach middle school students and have a special place for them in my heart. Middle School is a hard time but you can overcome mean people and become a better person for it. I accept each student for who they are and try to remember the days when I felt no one liked me.
Accepting new people is a wonderful way to expand one’s horizons and to become more educated.