Maria Elena Marinelli's Learning Story


The most influential and effective teacher that I have ever had is my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Soplop. Learning a foreign language is either a strength or a weakness for many high school students because it requires a certain level of dedication, persistence, willpower, and an effective teacher in order to be successful. Mrs. Soplop not only encourages us, but she is willing to go far and beyond what is required of her as a teacher. She loves her job and she loves working with us and it shows through her effort to help us understand and the thoroughness of her grading. If there is one thing that Mrs. Soplop understands, it is that everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds. Her students are excited about Spanish class and want to come back each day. Though she is a challenging teacher with high expectations, she helps us exceed those expectations so that we, as a class or as individuals, can push the bar higher. Mrs. Soplop also inspires her students by using her gift of speaking Spanish to do service for others. It is truly remarkable how much time she spends planning fundraisers for orphanages in Peru or taking a group of students to Costa Rica to fix up playgrounds, paint houses, and plant gardens. Mrs. Soplop is an outstanding teacher who surpasses any qualifications or standards that are withheld by any school. She engages her students by doing group work and interactive activities. Many teachers are not in touch with their students, but Mrs. Soplop understands. She tells us of her struggles when she was in our places and how learning Spanish, or any foreign language, is a tough goal to accomplish unless we are motivated to achieve it. Essentially, Mrs. Soplop believes in us and upholds the motto, ‘Trabajar, trabajar, trabajar!’ which translates to ‘Work, work, work!’ She has confidence that if we have ambition and work diligently, then we can reach any goal and complete any task no matter how incomprehensible it may seem.