Margaret Quintas' Learning Story


Back at Kiley Middle School in Springfield, MA I had a teacher who simply went by Mr. P. He was an English teacher and he encouraged reading no matter what it was. He used to ask us about whatever we may be reading on our own in an effort to get us reading more than was considered necessary.He knew that not everyone was going to enjoy the mandatory reading assignments, too. In an effort to get everyone involved and paying attention he’d create games out of some of the assignments. It was great because he had the entire class looking forward to being there! I remember fondly playing our version of Jeopardy with with some questions that he’d give and some that each team of students would create. The questions weren’t easy, either…we’d get competitive and things got pretty challenging!It’s thanks to the ingenuity, kindness, and understanding of people like him that I grew up enjoying learning. Because of him, I try to help others find that same fascination with knowledge. Thanks, Mr. P.