Mac & Cheese


My mom got me from school one afternoon and she didn’t take me to get anything to eat before we went home. So, when we got home, I was hungry. I begged her to make me macaroni and cheese! But she told me she wasn’t making it, and that she was going to lie down. Oh jeesh! I had to do it myself.
Well, I had never made macaroni and cheese by myself before. I’m not good at following directions. I always read directions too quickly. However, in this instance, my mom just told me what to do; she didn’t give me the box for some reason! So I start making the mac and cheese. The water boils, and I’m doing pretty good…or so I thought. I started mixing cheese in as soon as the noodles were drained. I thought I had it all perfect, but then I realized-I had forgotten the milk. My mom came in the kitchen and tried to take the cheese out, but that didn’t work. No one ended up eating the macaroni and cheese -except for our dog. My lesson is I learned I need structure and quiet in order to concentrate on what I’m doing. I need to slow down and read directions. And, finally, I need more environments like that no matter where I am if I hope to be able to create the “macaroni and cheese” moments in life!