Lori Scaglione's Learning Story


People who learn in unexpected ways are the best teachers. Experience is the vehicle that propels us to new learning. My father use to always say, “Lori-do you think you’ll every amount to anything?” Affirmative, yes was always my reply. I am the middle of five children. One older brother and sister. Two younger brothers. One honest trait I have employed all of my life is the fact that I am driven. Both consiously and subconsiously. If there is one motivator that works every time for me-that would be the word no. If some individual/thought tells me no you can’t, no you’re not good enough, or no it’s not the right time, then I say in response with a resounding, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” An experience that changed my life/way of thinking was a teaching experience in Japan for 13 mos. I taught children 1.5 years up to adult age. Truly, I shocked all by leaving the country @ the age of 24-even shocked myself. That experience and all learned from that point in my life has opened up so many more doors for me to continue my quest for knowledge, relationships, and an intense desire to give back/contribute to a higher power. Living in another country was the ultimate learning experience for me. Events too numberous to mention have shaped my core appreciation of all that our Creator has given me/the human race. I was the receiver of so many lessons as I thought it was my role to be the teacher. I, in fact, was the student. Experience continues to show me that when you open and contribute with a willing heart-everything comes back to you ten fold. Stand Up Forever!! In love and Friendship-Lori ScaglioneStudentTeacherDaughterSisterAuntWifeGrand daughterStep MotherMother