Living for Grandpa


When I was in 6th grade, I had a life changing tragedy that taught me what I would come to believe as the most important lesson in my life. I learned to live everyday like it’s the last.
My grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. His Alzheimer’s eventually took over his life. Since he couldn’t take care of himself nor could my grandma take care of him, he had to go to a nursing home. A few months after he moved to the nursing home, my grandpa fell and broke his hip and after that his whole life went downhill. When he got out of the hospital and rehab, the doctor came in and told my family and I that he only had six weeks to live. Two weeks later, my aunt came to school and told me that my grandpa had passed away. I was very upset but I knew that he went to be with Jesus.
Since my grandpa was suppose to live six weeks but he only lived two, living everyday like it’s the last is the most important thing I’ve learned, because people never know when their lives are going to end. By doing this, we will be prepared for when our life really does end.
I learn things like living everyday like it’s the last when it is quiet and I’m by myself or with very few people. Other people that don’t live everyday like it’s the last aren’t ready to leave when it happens, so by sharing my story, I hope people will learn that it can happen whether you and your family are ready or not.