LeDerick R. Home's Learning Story


One of the most powerful learning experiences I have had came while I was a student at Middlesex County College in NJ. I had the honor of getting services for my learning disability from a program called Project Connections which really taught me how to embrace the way my mind works. I learned many things while at MCC. It was the first time I got regular access to accommodations, tutoring and, most importantly, I was given a framework upon which to understand my experience of growing up as a person with a disability.As I look back know, although I do not often reference it, one of the things that made a real difference in my life at MCC was the friendships I made with other LD students who were helped by Project Connections. The students that had been on campus for a few years took the time to advice the new comers; we formed study groups to insure that we took advantage of our collective understanding, and, when times got really hard, we turned to each other for words of support and encouragement. I have stayed in contact with many of the folks I met at MCC and we continue to support each other as we transition through life.