Learning to Speak


Learning is an everyday skill in which a person receives knowledge about a new object, word or maybe an activity. Most people learn through experience of what their stories tell. Some people learn from other people experiences or stories. I too, like to learn things through things I’ve experienced. I like to observe people’s actions, to get an idea on how to do certain things, and I am a hand on learner also. The most important thing I’ve learned is to stop being so timid, and I had to be able to speak publicly and socially. I was being taught this in school and in my home; it took at least nine years to open up. This is important to me because I never said a word coming up in school, all the way from pre-school to the 7th grade. I would speak at home and around family, but all the talking and eye contact tend to turn off at school or around my teachers and other students from school. I’m still not sure WHY I was so quiet at school. Maybe I was nervous or maybe I afraid; it could have been that I wasn’t use to talking to people I didn’t know.
I had to learn to open up because it was hard for teachers to teach me or help me because they weren’t sure if I understood the material they were teaching, and they weren’t sure if I was able to read. I am glad that I started opening up because high school could have been a tough challenge to accomplish because all of the talking we have to do and presenting work in front of a large group. I am still working on my speaking skills to strengthen it for more advanced levels.
When I started to open up I was in a comfortable setting, a good learning environment. A good learning environment should be clean and colorful, making it interesting to learn. A learning environment should also have friendly people who are willing to help and encourage one another to learn new things. Teachers and students must obtain patience, everyone should have an experience to share to others and the ones wanting to learn should listen to these stories and possibly they’ll learn from it.