Learning To Learn


I believe the most important thing to learn is to learn how to learn. I’ve been in school for ten years and from my experience with my studies I realize that I would be no where if I didn’t know how to successfully learn. I remember very vividly a time when learning was key to moving forward.
I was in the sixth grade and the end of the year was coming fast, my grades were slowly slipping I didn’t know what to do. I desperately needed help so I decided to stay afterschool and go in for help. My teacher knew exactly what to do; she took it back to the very beginning and asked me a deep question; what is learning? Seeing as how I couldn’t answer the question, she told me the answer. She told me that learning is taking skills and utilizing them to make them stick. A now easy simple question led to conversation which went deeper and deeper, making me think harder than ever. After that day my grades went up, my attitude changed and I realized what I needed to do; I need to gain more knowledge. I need to learn more.
This experience has taught me many things including how to learn and be successful. All because a sixth grade teacher wasn’t afraid to search deep and assess a real situation at hand. I am forever in debt to her.
Experience and experimentation; two things that are essential to learning can help you so much. When you experiment, not only do you gain experience, you gain knowledge. To learn a new skill, you have to work with it. Only then will you fully understand it. Understanding something leads more towards knowledge than anything else we can think of. Besides, don’t we all want knowledge and understanding?