Kaitlin McGuire's Learning Story


i go to buckeye local high school in ohio. in my classes theres a lot of kids that do not care about school. they find no point in going everyday. but i do. i care about about school. i want to be something well i grow up. basically to get to my point i think the teachers should talk more with the kids and have good conversations about what we are learning about. because even i get bored in school. because the teacher is just making us write notes and do worksheets. honestly i do not learn that way. i learn when teachers talk about the subject and enact with the children. i beileve there should be more talking and i beileve kids would pay attendion. im not saying for the teachers to do this everyday but aleast a few times out of the week. plus i have a hard time learning because of kids talking well i their not called on. but basically im saying talk more about what we are learning. like in the 10th grade we have to take a test called the ogt. i think the school honestly puts to much pressure on us about this test. it honestly feels like we are only in school to test out and thats not why i want to be in school. i want to learn life lessons and be able to ineract with people but being pressure about a test. honestly who cares about a test will their out of school. honestly. thank you kaitlin mcguire