Juliet Brunet's Learning Story


Being a part of the public school system, it was rare to have a teacher who really reached out to students. Most of the teachers I’ve had have always just been doing their job to prepare students for whatever tests they would have to take at the end of the year. This was until my freshman year of high school. That year my english teacher, Miss Sullivan, not only taught me what was in the curriculum but guided me. Through that entire year she connected with each student on not only an educational level, but an emotional one. Her environment became one of trust and respect and she had a way of teaching her students to behave in a mature matter. Coming in from middle school she helped my freshman class grow up and become a part of our high school. I was lucky enough to have her again as my english teacher my junior year which is where I really got the time to understand her ways of teaching as she helped me and guided me through my college applications and other major life choices. I loved the fact that I found a teacher in my school that I felt comfortable enough to go to for help with any problem which is what I feel is important in an effective teacher, to not only teach students the curriculum but to become a part of their life and be able to inspire them.