Jorge Cruz's Learning Story


I’m a student at Olympic High School in North Carolina, I have been greatly influenced by a teacher in the JROTC program at my school. LTC Neal teaches the JROTC curriculum at a fun level and allows every student to get an equal learning experience. In his class we learn about responsibility, leadership and other things that are in the curriculum. Everyday in his class is a new learning experience. In one class that he taught, he taught our class about finance and the applications of it in the future. This learning experience was a memorable experience, I learned about how to control my money and how to balance it for the future. Not many students get taught this in their regular classes.does the government need to make an equal opportunity to learn or be a constitutional right? That shouldn’t even be a question, this country needs to give every child an opportunity to learn. Without an equal learning experience the country will not move forward and will fall behind to the rest of the other nations.