Jilanne Hoffmann's Learning Story


We enrolled our son in a Waldorf-inspired preschool at the age of 2.5. During the next two years, he thrived in an environment that emphasized respect and empathy for his peers that was modeled by his teachers. Electronic media were NEVER used. Children took many nature/outdoor hikes/walks. They helped teachers cook and clean. Learning was also CHILD-DIRECTED, with teachers encouraging children to ask questions and “find out more” whenever possible.
This year, in preparation for public school, we put him in a traditional pre-K. We were appalled at the use of media for the purpose of crowd control (the opiate of the masses) and the lack of respect for children as people. We were also appalled at the mind-numbing “homework” given to 4-5 year-olds. Given this experience, we chose an alternative private school in San Francisco for our son. The school’s philosophy emphasizes respect for all people and all things, encourages students to view teachers as resources (not adversaries), and offers creative (not mind-numbing) learning opportunities. If public school could do this, we’d be first in line.