Jennifer Best's Learning Story


The first two years of my schooling I really hated it. Then I got into third grade with Mrs. Cagle and it was a year I will never forget. Mrs. Cagle instilled in me the love of Reading. Every day she would read to us from a chapter book. I all ways looked forward to finding out what would happen next to Laura in the little house or Mr. Popper and his penguins. We would have parties to introduce us to other cultures one day we had a Hawiian party once a Japanise. I remember one time I came to school and my shoes hurt my feet and Mrs. Cagel let me wear her slippers that she all ways kept at school home. Even though both my parents were teachers it was Mrs. Cagle that made me want to be a teacher and maybe I could reach a child the way she did me. After my 22 two years of being and educator everytime I run in to an adult person that tells me they remember being in my class and I was their favorite teacher I all ways think of Mrs. Cagle and say thank you.