Jan Shafer's Learning Story


I am a fifth grade teacher. I have been teaching elementary school for 23 years. For me, real learning is what happens every day. My students teach me how to wonder, how to persevere and mostly how to love life. Here’s what it looks like: they don’t understand why European explorers thought they could “discover” and claim land that was already settled no matter how I explain it. They want to know if we say that women and men are equal why men get paid more than women even if women work harder than men. They want to know when the people of the northern colonies who got wealthy off the slave trade decided it was wrong and what made them decide it was wrong. They try to explain why you invert and multiply when you divide fractions even though it’s really hard to explain. They love touch football and at the end of the game say that it was a good game no matter who won or what happened. They thank me when they leave each day. Who is learning more each day? I think it’s me.