Jamie Plotner's Learning Story


One of the most powerful learning experiences that I was involved in is the result of interaction with my Fontana High School Marine Biology Teacher, Kathy Crane. When I graduated, Mrs. Crane, gave me a graduation card with three $2 bills in it. The money was part of the money that my mother had given me as a junior to go on a field trip with the Science Club. Mrs. Crane knew that it had been a stretch for me to attend many of the events sponsored by the science club since both my parents had been laid off. When she returned the two dollar bills to me in a card, I knew that she understood many of the challenges that I had faced, in silence and solitude, over the high school years. This year, I framed a student’s description of me which I will give her when she graduates fifth grade; I hope to make the same kind of impact on this struggling student as Mrs. Crane made on me.