J Ashwood's Learning Story


This year was very unique and it was something that we did not expect. Sixth grade was a challenge to us, because of the academic responsibilities that our teachers and parents expected of us. We had to keep up with school work and homework for three different teachers and as the seniors of the school we weren’t prepared for this drastic change and strict rules of the sixth grade. It was imperative that shirts were tucked in, having silent lunches, no recess, and we had to be organized at all times.
I’ve been at Gaywood since I was in Kindergarten. My teachers were awesome! They guided me through Gaywood with their knowledge. They held me accountable for my actions and most importantly they encouraged me to learn and dream big dreams. The teachers at Gaywood aren’t just people you say hi to. They are the individuals who you see you first thing in the morning, they are the individuals who take you to recess, take you to lunch and they are also the people who take you to another world during the learning process. I’ve seen my teachers do wonderful things to help students with their education. They have provided food to those in need, they allow you to be yourself, learn at your pace and have fun doing it. Sometimes they do take things away and sometimes there is a consequence for our behavior good or bad, but there is only one good reason why they do that and its because they care. I always know that I am in their heart and I hope that they know that they’re in mine.
Now let me talk about my past principal, Ms. Ray. She was here when I entered kindergarten and she was terrific. I also had an assistant principal in kindergarten and that was Ms.Harris. She was so involved with students, she was so caring that she was like a principal and I never really saw her as an assistant principal. Now she is the principal of Gaywood. As a role model Ms. Harris always did what she had to do and she always knew when she had to do it.
As we stampede toward success, we will continue to dream on and turn our dreams into reality. As we turn our dreams into reality, we will be ambitious and maintain a positive attitude, because we are the future leaders of tomorrow, and when we believe in ourselves and our dreams, success in life is possible. When you believe in yourself you can achieve all things and success is sure to happen. So today I encourage all of us students, parents and teachers to dream on.