How to piss the world off!!!


Almost two, I stand there watching and listening, trying to learn to talk. It’s like I knew what was being said but could not say it. Frustrated as people would tease, say mama or dada I would try, but it always came out wrong. Over and over, the tongue twisters made me madder and madder until some days I just would not even try. I knew what I wanted which would make things only worse. I would cry scream and kick and just piss everyone off till I got in trouble.
I would walk around the big world; being so little made things much harder on a little guy like me. Every task was ten times harder for me and would get me all upset, especially when I wanted my juice. Seeing how I was only two, I couldn’t get it myself, so I would have to try to get someone to do it for me. Not being able to talk was a big problem because I had no way of telling my dad or mom what it was I wanted. I would try and say juice but it only came out a word that I even thought was strange. So I would have to keep trying and trying to get dad to know what I wanted or till me finally got the thing I wanted right after many trials and errors.
One day though, I said dada, somehow I had done it I had said my first word! Since that first word the words came with ease compared to saying that first word. Over the years my words have gotten bigger and longer. They make my first word seem almost like a joke, but it was no joke to me then. Learning how to talk changed my life so much. I would never been able to learn the things I know now. I know this trait is by far the most important thing I have ever learned. I learned from this to never give up because in the end it was worth it.