In The Dreamkeepers, University of Wisconsin professor Gloria Ladson-Billings integrates scholarly research with the stories of eight successful teachers in a predominantly African American school district to illustrate that the “dream” of all teachers and parents – positive learning and growth for all children — is alive and can be emulated. Similarly, Young, Gifted, and Black co-authors Theresa Perry, Claude Steele, and Asa Hilliard argue that the unique social and cultural position students of color occupy fundamentally shapes those students’ experiences of school, and that a proper understanding of the forces at work can lead to practical, powerful methods for promoting learning at all levels.  And Sonia Nieto’s The Light in Their Eyes, now in its 10th edition, considers recent theories, policies, and practices about the variability in student learning and culturally responsive pedagogy and examines the importance of student and teacher voice in research and practice.