It’s one thing to understand what we need as individuals to become better learners. But what do we need to do to create environments where all people can learn well?
The good news is we know more than we think we do about how to do this — and as with all things worthwhile, it’s never as simple as discovering and implementing a single, foolproof version of The Plan.

Check out this interactive, evolving list of things you can do to dig deeper and help create better learning organizations. Share your recommendations for other resources worth adding. And remember the “best question” that has already been generated by the stories of this campaign: What must we do to ensure that the environments in which we work and learn become more challenging, engaging, relevant, supportive and experiential?


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Explore your own learning strengths and weaknesses
Take a wilderness course
Discover What Kids Can Do
Learn about Public Achievement
Check out the Decision Education Foundation
Become “Instructable”
Explore Project Based Learning
Invest in student learning and development
Become Skilled in Critical Friendship
Learn more about Performance Assessment
Investigate ways to support students who struggle at school

Get Resourceful

Equip your toolbox with Q.E.D.
Institute Morning Meetings
Imagine New Designs for Learning
Track the aspirations of your students
Experiment with Open Space Technology


Watch the 50 TED Talks Every Educator Should Check Out
Read The Power of Their Ideas
Read Yardsticks
Read The Horace Trilogy
Read How People Learn
Read Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future‎
Read The Facilitator’s Book of Questions: Tools for Looking Together at Student Work
Read The Reflective Educator’s Guide to Professional Development
Read Looking Together at Student Work: A Companion Guide to Assessing Student
Read Fires in the Mind


Strengthen your commitment to educational equity
Become an educational advocate
Promote learning and growth for students of color
Create an inclusive learning environment


Plan a Faces of learning Event
Host a World Cafe Conversation
Identify the Attributes of a Learning Community
Embrace your affinities
Learn how to conduct a Socratic Seminar