Gee Exx's Learning Story


I became a teacher so I could inspire children to pass their standardized tests. I got copies of the tests and spend every possible moment of class working on every aspect of taking tests: how to mark the answers, how to rule out bad answers on multiple choice tests, how to estimate math and pick the best answer, how to do all the easy stuff first and then go back and work on the harder questions, how to do your best and not get emotion stand in the way of thinking, how to get healthy and rest up for the big test day. The kids really hated me for making them miss recess and story time, reading, social studies and field trips, so to get back, they stalled around, broke pencils, etc., and failed every subject. I’ll never try this again, because I got fired. Not to worry, I got a great job at Radio Shack-higher salary and benefits, much quieter environment and I never have to take work home!