Friends & Fakes


One time while I was in the 7th grade, I was popular and I had a lot of friends. Everywhere I would go somebody was coming up to me or calling out my name. And in every class I had at least 4 of more friends that I would be close with and I would talk to them all the time. Then I got into some crazy trouble and I got sent to Crossroads.
Crossroads is an alternative school for people who really act up or for people who did something bad, and when you are in Crossroads you can not have no interactions or communicate with the people in the school so like I lost close contact with my friends. I tried and tried to get in contact with them almost everybody and it was like they were mad at me or something; they wouldn’t ever respond back to me.
For example, one day I was at the store and I saw one of my friends and I tried talking to her, but she just ignored me, and kept walking right past me. So that’s when I said to myself “Why should I be their friend if they won’t even talk to me, just because I don’t see them anymore?”
So I called the ones that were treating me like that out. I asked them “Why don’t you talk to me anymore?” Some of them said “ You aren’t never around anymore, so I don’t ever have enough time to talk to you,” and some of them said “sorry”, and that they don’t know why they were acting like that. But the ones that were rude, I learned that they aren’t worth my time, and I can find better friends, than the ones that really could care less about me.
The best lesson I learned was that keep the ones that are your close friends close, and the ones that don’t care kick them to the side, and live your life, and don’t let nobody bring you down.