Everyone makes mistakes, I have had my fair share


Learning, to me, is either the accomplishment of an earlier unknown task or a mistake made that leads to more understanding. We mainly improve from our mistakes. I intend to answer four simple questions about learning.
When I began grade school, I soon figured that this particular school was not the school for me. In fact, it was the biggest mistake of my early education. I began my education at a Catholic school in town. The Catholic School had rules. In fact, the number of rules was beyond infinity. The rules were everywhere with their everyday church, uniforms, nuns as teachers, pepperoni pizza, and assigned seats absolutely everywhere you go! Eventually, they kicked me out, and I ended up here. Since that happened, I have been improving much more frequently due to me getting the help that I need.
After a few years, I found out I’m better off learning “1 on 1” from my educator, but I’m quite flexible when it comes to class size. My classes have ranged from 1-30 students my entire life! The “1 on 1” studies do most of the time turn me into the teacher’s pet, but I don’t mind.
It’s much easier for me to learn in a quiet, low populated room or hall because I am easily distracted; I also get stressed out from little patience coming from my instructor and myself. Wherever I learn must be very well organized; accomplishments are typically associated with rewards.
We can help make an ideal learning environment by having a little more patience myself along with a quieter room, but odds are that none of those will come along. I hardly ever reward myself no matter how great of an improvement I have made; instead, I think of trying to get beyond great at the topic.