Education is the key to everyday learning


The most important thing that I have learned and experienced is working with young children. I know that all my life helping kids has brought me great joy. Now I am a Sunday school teacher, and I work at a daycare/after school facility. Next school year, I will be assisting a daycare teacher who teaches two year olds. The career I have chosen for myself is Early Education teaching, because I want to expand children’s knowledge and see them grow. I enjoy standing in front of my Sunday school class and expanding their knowledge and helping them better understand concepts of bible lessons. I think the reason this career is pulling me is because I never had great learning skills. I struggled through school and I wasn’t taught what I should have been taught. My Mom and my Dad never sat down with me and helped me.
Reading to a child is very important for their learning experience. So many children are more knowledgeable that have been read to than children who haven’t. I know because I was never read to although I had many books. I would go and pick up a book but couldn’t comprehend what was going on in the story. Anything you do with a child in their early life is critical. This is the reason I want to help children- and read to them!- because I want to see their knowledge grow and support that.
My ideal learning environment is what I do and go through every day. For me, having my own opinions and separating them from what society says makes me learn different things. Everyone that is living and breathing can make an ideal learning environment. Although you may not realize it you have taught someone something today. Everyone around you can learn something. I can’t wait to teach young children and let them get better in their knowledge.