Driving lessons


I was nervous the first time I stepped into my dad’s truck to drive it. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I tried to anyway. At first, things were good; backing down the driveway and all. The first mistake was when I went to step on the gas and pressed down too hard; causing the truck to jerk forward hard. But, as I worked my way around the neighborhood, slowly at first, but then faster as I figured out how much to steer and how much power I needed to get over the hills. Everything got better as I learned.
As time went by, my driving skills got better, and I was soon able to drive with other cars. I was even able to navigate the small city roads where traffic appeared to be booming. I wasn’t able to navigate without my parents next to me to tell me where to go. The first time I tried to navigate without help, I nearly crashed. Over time, my navigation skills improved as well by memorizing the roads. I memorized road names and which roads connected.
Currently, I’m about two weeks away from getting my driver’s license. I’ve been practicing very hard, trying to detail and perfect, to the best of my ability, my skills of driving in order to pass my driver’s test. I’m so excited about obtaining my license and start to move up in the world.
All along the way I couldn’t have done it without my parents telling me where to go and which way to turn. I’m very grateful they were able to help me out.