Digging For Education


I remember once when I was little, trying to dig a hole in the yard deep enough to stand in and look around me at ground-level. Silly and odd, I know. But I wanted to. So I started digging and soon I did have a pretty deep hole, but I was tired and my muscles had begun hurting so I went inside to get some water and relax. I was planning on going back outside to finish my project after I rested up some, but then I got side tracked by this and that… The point is, I never finished digging the little pit. This was probably the first time I fully realized that I have a bad tendency to leave a project when I get bored with it. I hadn’t started writing at that time (though I did draw a little) however, since then I’ve seen this bad habit of mine even more.
The point of this is, I learned an important thing about myself through simple observation and clear-thinking. There was no school I was confined to when I learned this, nor any teacher pounding how to learn this into my head, or even any curriculum telling me I was either too slow, or too fast in figuring it out. I was learning at my own pace in my own way and I think that it was more valuable to me and more exciting than being lectured to all day, then quizzed mercilessly. I think that everyone learns differently but when you figure something out yourself it’s infinitely more important, no matter what learning environment you may do best in. I believe that the national way of schooling individuals is more harmful than helpful and that an ideal environment would be finding out what kind of learning the child would enjoy best. If people would just realize this then I guarantee you children wouldn’t mind school so much!