Connie M. Bauer's Learning Story


My story starts at the age of 12 when my father hired me (yes, hired) to teach drama, games and nature walks to 6-8 year olds in Swim N’ Sun Day Camp in L.A. in the 60’s. I remember taking about 8-6 year olds to Disneyland, when tickets were $7.50 for a whole book of rides! As I looked up to and observed my father, Bob Sponheim, who taught govt. and Psych at South High in Torrance, CA.. I felt a sense of inspiration and excitement for teaching and learning. This exuberance in my field has never ceased. I am currently teaching theatre and directing “Stage Black” to wonderful students at Eastside College Prep School in E. Palo Alto…and will soon start with Campbell SD in a drama program there for elementary. ~My career in teaching spans many years (30?) and with diverse populations…with both ethical and unethical administrators. No bad experience has ever deterred me from the task (or rather the love of) of teaching…and there have been plenty. It would take a book, (perhaps like Patti Kokinos’ book) to detail the many good and sad experiences I have had..but my message here is… There are always the kids,(or the students) They keep me in this business. Also a wonderful administrator or two…AnnRene Joseph (WA) lifted me to new heights …and there are many more. Also, my colleagues, Sandy Summerfield (my lead teacher at UCB), Lisa Groom (Napa USD), and the list goes on. I will not detail any bad I recall Grandpa’s remark in “The Education of Little Tree”…’only the good memories prevail, because the bad ones don’t really matter’…~~I will continue to be a role model for my students..and continue to buck the strange system we find ourselves in as far as school districts at this time in history…. nothing negative can keep me from doing what I love and do best..for the emotional and academic health of our young people…our future.