Cheryl Robinson's Learning Story


I had a teacher by the name of Mr. Wilson. He was very old school and he believed in teaching every student, by any means necessary. I was in the sixth grade( a very long time ago) and I was having a very difficult time with multiplications. Everyday I would pray for Mr. Wilson to skip right over me, but nooo he had to call on me everyday. He told me that if I didn’t study my multiplications at home every night, I would be sorry because he was going to tutor me daily and test me right after wards. He called me and gave me a problem,and while I was thinking I was wiping sweat off my brow, but I got it right. But the next time he called on me the problem was a little harder this time. I thought for a moment before I answered, because I knew what the consequences were if I gave Mr. Wilson the wrong answer. Well, I guessed the wrong answer, and he said'” Cheryl, see you right after school” I knew I was in deep trouble. He called my parents and they him permission to keep me, but now I was in trouble with my parents as well. Mr. Wilson began our tutoring session, by making me write all my multiplications on the blackboard with dusty chalk starting off with the ones. Every time I got one multiplication wrong, I had to write it over and over again until I got it right. I finally learned all my multiplication and received a little certificate of completion,that I was very proud to have in my possession. I have never forgotten my multiplication from that day on, and later in the ninth grade I received an “A” in algebra thanks to Mr. Wilson’s dedication to helping a child like me in his sixth grade class be successful.( also those spankings at home helped me to focus a little more in class, that was called parental involvement-laying on hands in those days)Teachers don’t give up on your students just take a little more time with them,they will come around, just be patient and have faith in them and yourself.