Democracy in the Workplace

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I’m in Las Vegas this week, attending Worldblu’s 2010 conference, at which Worldblu CEO Traci Fenton will honor the world’s most democratic workplaces. It’s an eclectic group of people and industries, and although there will be a few other educators at the event, it’s primarily an opportunity to learn what some forward-thinking folks in the private sector have learned about … Read More

To What Do We Owe Our Fidelity?

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Today was one of those magical work days — not so much because it was chaotic and crowded (it was), but because it was jam packed with interesting people and conversations. It began with University of Gloucestershire professor Philip Woods (an expert on democratic leadership and school governance); it ended with the fabulous Traci Fenton of WorldBLU, an organization that … Read More

Name the Book Competition — Round 2

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On Thursday, I formally submit the manuscript for the book of learning stories (estimated release date – February 2011) and it still doesn’t have a working title. However, many of you have written to share your feedback, and I think it’s time for an updated list of finalists. Remember — whoever submits the winning entry gets a $50 gift certificate … Read More

The Book of Learning Stories — Title Search

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I need your help in coming up with the title for the book of learning stories. Whoever submits the winning entry will get a $50 gift card to the bookstore of their choice. Here are the three I have so far: The Learning Book: 50 Powerful Stories of Learning & Teaching — In School & In Life Learning Matters: 50 … Read More

Draft Intro for Book of Learning Stories

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For anyone interested in learning a bit more about what the book will look like . . . ——– This is a book of different people’s stories. Some are about teachers who changed their students’ lives. Some describe the moment when a person first discovered how to ask the right questions, or found what they were most passionate about.  Others … Read More

Education and… National Security

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I see that President Obama listed education as a core aspect of his overall National Security Strategy. It reminds me of a great piece my former boss and mentor Charles Haynes wrote less than three weeks after the September 11 attacks. As Charles wrote: “Over the course of this long struggle, the most effective answer to training camps of hatred … Read More