Carly, Tanya and Claire Hirschorn, Willey, Kaiser's Learning Story


While observing at an elementary school this semester, we saw various teaching techniques demonstrated by the teacher in education. The main technique concentrated on the constructivist mind, which is primarily hands on learning. We felt that this technique is the most valuable because the children were able to interact with the material and relate simple concepts to real life examples. An example of this that we observed in the classroom was during a science experiment which portrayed the eruption of a volcano. Students designed their personal volcanoes out of clay, which was erupted by water and baking soda. This gave students the opportunity to witness what occurs during the rupture of a volcano, something that many of those students will never get to document. The constructivist theory allowed students to record their observations into journals and discuss in a group what they saw as the volcano erupted. We felt that this theory was most useful in the daily lives of teachers and students because it was most practical and a real life application.