The Common Sense of my Grandmother


I have found myself thinking lately of the house my grandparents lived in when I was young, She always said it was a happy house… though it was the house itself that created the happiness, but the truth of it is……It was my grandmother. Today I wanted to share some of the wisdom I have gained from her stories, and … Read More

Occupy Third Grade?

Democracy, Learning, Organizational Change

On a crisp fall morning in the nation’s capital, 3rd grade teacher Rebecca Lebowitz gathered her 29 public school students on their familiar giant multicolored carpet, and reminded them how to make sense of the characters whose worlds they would soon enter during independent reading time. “What are the four things we want to look for when we meet a … Read More

Faces of Learning — Portland, Maine


On October 14, hundreds of Mainers came together for an evening of storytelling, in conjunction with the Faces of Learning campaign. To hear the stories yourself, visit this link and scroll down for direct links to each of the featured storytellers. Want to organize something similar in your community? Visit our “Events” page for some tips and then keep us … Read More



To me, learning is an active experience. Something you do that teaches you a brand new life lesson. It’s extremely hard to learn without actually having a reason why or how. That reason came to me many years ago, and I got 50 bucks out of the blue! Who wouldn’t want that? There I am, sitting in class one day … Read More

My Learning Experiences


My high school years were a time when I had many learning experiences. Most of my learning experiences took place outside of school. One day me and my friends all went to my friend’s house for his birthday party to have a good time and celebrate his birthday. There is a park next to his house and we decided to … Read More

Digging For Education


I remember once when I was little, trying to dig a hole in the yard deep enough to stand in and look around me at ground-level. Silly and odd, I know. But I wanted to. So I started digging and soon I did have a pretty deep hole, but I was tired and my muscles had begun hurting so I … Read More

Why Go to School?


On top of a 1,000 pound animal is where I learn the best. Racing towards an obstacle with the hopes of jumping over it is the most exhilarating experience I can ever remember. I’ll never forget the first time I fell in love with a horse. Her name was Scripture; she was a 3-year-old goof ball of a Thoroughbred. When … Read More

Feeling Privileged


When I was young I had awful stomach pains periodically. I can first remember them from 3rd grade. I would have a very intense painful fit about once a year, but it only lasted a few hours. This continued on until 6th grade. That year, I started getting the pains during spring break, only this time they didn’t go away! … Read More

E Pluribus Pluribus?

Leadership, Organizational Change

It’s not even Noon, and nine-year-old Harvey is already back on the floor. His three tablemates, their efforts at independent reading on hold, watch and wait for Ms. Serber to arrive and restore order. Harvey’s pear-shaped body writhes on the floor, animated by neither malice nor mischief. He chews absent-mindedly on his silver necklace and gazes at the ceiling until … Read More

The Many Faces of Thea


It wasn’t until the end of her tragically short life that Thea Leopoulos first discovered the depth of her talent as an artist. A buoyant, beautiful girl with dark eyebrows and sharp brown eyes, Thea spent her childhood believing the experts who first told her, back in third grade, she was unworthy of acceptance to the local program for “gifted … Read More